Conference "Equality and Human Rights:

Where is the problem?"

Date: Friday, January 15, 2021 

Hour: 19.00h

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Manuel Galiñanes: Introduction

✓ Researcher and Cardiac Surgeon

✓ Social activist and member of Marea Blanca de Catalunya

✓ Co-founder and President of Unitat d’Ajuda Ciutadana (UdAC)

Lucia Ruano_pic.jpg

Lucía Ruano: “Equality and Discrimination: The long struggle of women towards the conquest of rights”

✓ Lawyer from the Complutense University of Madrid

✓Ex-Advisor to the technical Cabinet and coordinator of the social area in the State Economic and Social Council

✓ Ex-Counselor of the Castilla-La Mancha Advisory Council

✓ Former President of the Federation of Progressive Women

✓ Former General Secretary of the Women Foundation

✓ Former Member of the Board of Directors of the Themis Association of Women Jurists.

✓ Former Magistrate in Social Jurisdiction and Violence against Women

✓ Prolific writer of several monographs and multiple articles ✓Currently, Counselor for Spain of the International Federation of Women in Legal Careers (FIFCJ)

Marina Subirats.jpg

Marina Subirats: “Towards the elimination of genders: What to do to accelerate it?”

✓ Emeritus Professor of Sociology UAB

✓ Former Director of the Barcelona Metropolitan Survey

✓ Former Director of the Women's Institute of the Ministry of Social Affairs

✓ Former Councilor for Education of the Barcelona City Council

✓ Former President of the Economic and Social Council of Barcelona

✓ Author of several books and numerous articles on aspects of gender, education and the social structure of Catalonia

Mar Cambrollé.jpg

Mar Cambrollé: “What measures are necessary for the recognition and integration of the Trans Collective?”

✓ Founder of the Homosexual Movement of Revolutionary Action (MHAR), the first organization in defense of the Andalusian LGTB collective that convened the first demonstration for sexual freedom in Andalusia

✓Promoter of the Trans Law of Andalusia, pioneer in Spain and Europe, for "depathologizing" trans identities and for the legal principle of the free determination of gender identity and expression

✓Founder of the first Federation of Trans Collectives of the Spanish state (Federación Plataforma Trans)

✓ Promoter of the demand for a State Integral Trans Law, which is already part of the Government's programmatic agreement and which has a great political and social consensus

Silvia Carrasco.jpg

Silvia Carrasco: “The fight for equality between women and men, threatened by sentiment-based policies”

✓ Professor of Anthropology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

✓ She has developed his career between Spain, the United States and the European Union in various international comparative projects.

✓ Expert in migration, education and inequality

✓Founder of the EMIGRA research group that is part of the Center for Migration Studies of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) ✓ Member of the Advisory Council of the Europa Sense Murs Association. ✓Currently, he works in three lines of research:

i) Early school leaving and risk of social exclusion of the sons and daughters of turn-of-the-century immigration who are becoming adults;

ii) Educational and social rights of immigrant and refugee minors between the MENAT region (Middle East, North Africa and Turkey), the Central American Northern Triangle and the EU;

iii) The penetration of neoliberal ideology in education and its impact on coeducation

Moderator: Manuel Galiñanes

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